How to Rent the Common Wealth Gallery

Please note that the Common Wealth Gallery is alcohol free which means that alcohol is not permitted in the gallery at anytime. Acoustic and amplified music with reasonable decibels levels are permitted during gallery events which must end by 10:30 pm.

1. Check the 2017 Gallery Availability Calendar (.pdf) or 2018 Gallery Availability Calendar (.pdf) for availability. Choose your dates – the minimum rental period is one week. Be sure to count the days of your show. For example May 1-7 is one week or 7 days while May 1-8 is 8 days. 2016 rental rate is $180/week.

2. Send an email to Jill Oelke with your rental dates and snail mail address.

3. You will receive your lease and other gallery documents via e-mail. Sign and return the lease along with your rent check and your space is reserved. You will receive a copy of the executed lease via e-mail. You have 30 days to return your lease and rent check.

4. At least one week prior to your show contact Jill to schedule a time to pick up the gallery keys and go over gallery policies.

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Please be in touch if you'd like to reserve the Common Wealth Gallery.

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