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Board of Directors

Common Wealth Development is a 501c(3) non-profit with a Board of Directors made up of an outstanding group of community volunteers. Board members serve 2-year terms. Our current leadership is listed below.

  • Susan Day
    Leslie Freehill
    Connie Kilmark
    David Kohli
    Rudy Moore – T
  • Autumn Neugent
    Robert Paolino
    Connor Sabatino – P
    Marquis Sanders
    Shaya Schreiber

  • Laura Sorensen
    Daniel Steinbring
    Rebekah Stephens
    Beth Welch
    Bridgit Van Bellegham


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Can You Guess?

When was Common Wealth founded as a nonprofit, community development organization?


Common Wealth has been working to create economic opportunities and build community since 1979.

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