Common Wealth Development is a private non-profit community development organization incorporated in 1979. Our mission is:

Common Wealth Development supports and preserves the vitality of neighborhoods in the Madison Metropolitan area. Our work serves as the foundational bedrock of healthy community and economic development, with projects aimed at improving the housing and business climate of our neighborhoods through a people-first approach centered on racial equity and community level health improvement.

Core Program Areas:

1) Support young businesses through affordable space and business incubation;

2) Coach youth and adults in financial fluency, job readiness and entrepreneurial leadership;

3) Provide safe, stable housing opportunities for renters and aspiring home owners;

4) Integrate comprehensive community health approaches to city-wide violence prevention efforts; and

5) Support the retention and sustainability of affordable land in Madison and Dane County.


What year was Common Wealth founded?


Common Wealth Development was founded in 1979 to address affordable housing, business incubation and community development needs in Madison.

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