Promoting Successful Rental Living: a Two-Way Street

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Last Wednesday evening, renters and landlords gathered at the Meadowridge Library Community Room for a neighborhood forum for getting honest answers on successful renting, as well as a sponsored meal together and raffle drawings.

The forum was designed and implemented by the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI), an initiative with the Madison Police Department and Common Wealth Development that supports community-level health approaches to city-wide violence prevention efforts, and includes bolstering community cohesion through positive neighborhood events.

The event was led by Stephanie Bradley Wilson, the Byrne advisory team, and other committed volunteers. Housing Mangers of Common Wealth and Meridian Group Inc., served on the discussion panel and highlighted, “The best thing for the landlord is for you to stay.” In addressing housing stability concerns, Diane Eddings of Common Wealth talked about the top 10 reasons why landlords are sometimes in the position to ask folks to move. Diane reemphasized the importance of communication and her goals of supporting stable, affordable housing.

What is the key to successful renting? It is a two-way street of communication and respect. The discussion panel responded in a Q and A session with renters to address mutual interests and concerns. The forum discussed business relationships, the value of the lease for both the renter and landlord, and focused on renters’ support and rights.

The discussion panel was comprised of:
Mike Bruce, Dane County Joining Forces for Families, Community Social Worker;
Diane Eddings, Common Wealth Development, Housing Manager;
Jason Hagenow, Meridian Group, Inc., Property Manager; and
David “Rosebud” Sparer, Herrick & Kasdorf LLP, Attorney.

The meeting was information-rich and supportive, exemplifying the value of the two-way communication street to both renters and landlords.

Thanks to the event sponsors: Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation, the Meadowood Neighborhood Association, Meridian Group Inc., Common Wealth Development, and others!


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