Wanda Fullmore Interns Matched with City of Madison Departments at Kick-Off Celebration

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The Wanda Fullmore Internship Program kicked off last Monday, June 19th, with a dinner and celebration hosted by Mayor Paul Soglin at Central Library’s beautiful community room. After a long intake and pre-internship training process over the past two weeks, Common Wealth Development Youth Programs staff announced the 45 paid internship placements with the city. Interns and their families had a blast connecting their new respective supervisors – associated with city departments and offices such as Civil Rights, Economic Development, Public Health, Fire Department, Water Utility, Madison Public Library and others.

The eight week internship has begun. Mentorship teams through Common Wealth and City of Madison supervisors will continue to support the development of the interns’ job skills and professional network. “Most importantly,” Economic Development Director, Rachel Darken, said, “you’re about to learn a lot more about yourselves –the type of work that most excites you, the careers you may be interested in pursuing, and that you can accomplish more than you thought possible.”

Wanda Fullmore encouraged and inspired the new interns as she welcomed them into their new roles. Her advice included, “With personality and patience, enjoy it! Ask questions!”

Mayor Soglin shared Wanda Fullmore’s story. Wanda began as an intern herself with the City of Madison and was hired during his first term as mayor. Mayor Soglin said she represents dozens, if not hundreds of people, who had the opportunity to build a career, take care of family and yourself, and retire. Wanda recently retired after four decades with the City. Mayor Soglin stated to the interns, “You have the opportunity to go to work, come home, proud of your contribution!”

Internship with the Madison Fire Department

Rachel’s support to the interns:
“Finally, I hope that you learn the power your voice has in this City. You have a unique chance this summer to learn how this City works, and contribute to the conversation of how to make it work better. I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity, and am so excited to see the amazing things you accomplish this summer!”

Read the blogpost from the Mayor’s Office here.

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