Antilica Xiong, student at Sun Prairie High School

Youth Programs Profile: Antilica Xiong

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We recently had a chance to catch up with Antilica Xiong, a student at Sun Prairie High School (SPHS) and recent participant in Common Wealth’s Youth-Business Mentoring Program. Tili was placed through the program at Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt store. She officially completed the Youth-Business Mentoring Program in December, about four months after she was placed in her job.

The experience has changed her life.

“I’m not antisocial anymore,” Tili, a freshman at SPHS, reflected on the experience. Many of her co-workers are classmates at her high school, and it’s easy to get lost in a big school. Her confidence has improved. “Being with other people has helped.” She now recognizes a few faces as she walks the halls and sees some of her co-workers.

The experience has also helped her build confidence. She was able to learn how to interact with her supervisor, including giving feedback on her schedule and receiving feedback about her work at the store. Tili has always had the people skills, but just needed an outlet like this to use them.

In addition to being a student and working at Orange Leaf, Tili also plays on the tennis team in the fall. Her hope is to go to college after graduation, and then on to law school. “I like to debate and stand up for things I’m passionate about,” she says about her interest in law school.

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