Mock interview at Madison West High School, a component of the 3 week training program provided to 135 youth annually by Common Wealth.

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Common Wealth is looking for volunteers in the following areas. Please contact Rachel Darken, Youth Programs Director, at 608.256.3527 x18 or if you have any questions or would like to get involved!

Mock Interviews

Common Wealth conducts several sessions of our Youth-Business Mentoring Program and our Employment Workshops during the year in which we teach students the basics of looking for a job, applying and interviewing successfully, problem solving on the job, and successful financial management. For each of these, we arrange for volunteers from the community to come in and interview our students. Mock interviewers act as managers, supervisors, and owners of businesses and interview students, one at a time, as if the student was actually interviewing for a job. They then get a chance to provide feedback on how the student did. Volunteers provide the most important elements of this exercise! The students learn to conduct themselves in a mature manner with an adult they have never met, and they learn to think and perform in the face of anxiety. They also learn from the valuable feedback volunteers provide them.

When you sign up to be a mock interviewer at one of our events, you can expect to commit about an hour and a half of your time, unless notified otherwise. All volunteers get a brief orientation when they arrive, and interview questions and rating sheets are provided.

Graduation Speakers

At the conclusion of the three-week training of our Youth-Business Mentoring Program, we hold a graduation for our participants. This is a chance for them to celebrate their accomplishments and prepare for the next phase of the program: being placed in a job. The celebration is even more meaningful when a community volunteer can come speak and congratulate the youth. Volunteer speakers can share their own experience when they first got a job, how it impacted their career decisions, and provide advice and words of encouragement as the youth prepare to take this step into the adult world. Volunteers usually speak for 5 to 10 minutes, and then lead our certificate ceremony.

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