Comprehensive Public Safety and Revitalization in Madison

Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation project is an 18 month planning grant awarded to the Madison Police Department in late 2015. The project’s purpose is to create a comprehensive public safety and revitalization plan for the Raymond Road corridor neighborhoods by obtaining input from residents, local organizations and service providers, businesses, and government agencies to develop the plan. The plan will be used to apply for possible implementation funding from the U.S. Department of Justice and/or other sources.

The Raymond Road target area is located in southwest Madison. It consists of several neighborhoods: Meadowood, Prairie Hills, Greentree and Park Ridge/Park Edge. The community, made up of 8,800 people, consists of single family homes as well as several large apartment complexes and townhomes.

The project’s multi-focused goals are:

  • create a durable framework to support grassroots leaderships and social cohesion;
  • build trust and collaborative problems solving among police, residents and community groups;
  • improve affordable housing through code enforcement and nuisance abatement;
  • enhance job training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, expand access to substance abuse and other wellness services and explore community justice alternatives for first time and non-violent offenders.

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis of Sustaining Natural Circles, LLC will serve as the grant’s research partner to support participatory, evidence-based approaches to gathering and using data to help develop strategies for the planning process.

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