Thanks for your interest in Common Wealth Development! Please find the most appropriate contact for your inquiry amongst our staff, below. For general inquiries, please use the address/phone number in the right sidebar.

Executive and Administrative Team

  • Justice Castañeda

    Executive Director
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x12 | Send Email

  • Stefan Davidson

    Finance Director
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x15 | Send Email

  • Megan Diaz-Ricks

    Director of Economic Development
    Phone: 608.516.0872 | Send Email

  • Stephanie Bradley Wilson

    Director of Health Equity and Violence Prevention
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x33 | Send Email

  • Karen Bednar

    Fund Development Director
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x34 | Send Email

  • Shelli Lawler

    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x10 | Send Email

Adult Workforce Development

  • Marquis Sanders

    Coordination of Care Specialist
    Phone: 608.516.0872 | Send Email

  • John Wroten

    Adult Workforce Development Manager
    Phone: 608.516.5332 | Send Email

Housing Team

  • Mark France

    Maintenance/Rehab Coordinator
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x23 | Send Email

  • Karen Gilbert

    Housing Specialist
    Phone: 608.575.0991 | Send Email

  • Ashley Gohlke

    Housing Operations Manager
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x27 | Send Email

  • Sataro Sato

    Maintenance/Rehab Specialist
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x23 | Send Email

Business Incubation

  • Rebekah Stephens

    Business Development Manager
    Madison Enterprise Center, Main Street Industries, Common Wealth Art Gallery
    Phone: 608.516-4046 Fax: 608.256.4499 | Send Email

Youth Workforce Development Team

  • Amber Anundson

    Youth Employment Specialist
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x20 | Send Email

  • Brendan Carroll

    Youth Employment Specialist
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x16| Send Email
    Work Permit Officer

  • Annie Johnston

    Youth Employment Programs Coordinator
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x17 | Send Email
    Work Permit Officer

  • Fares Fares

    PASS AmeriCorps Member: Youth Employment Specialist
    Phone: 608.256.3527 x25 | Send Email

Common Wealth
1501 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608.256.3527
Fax: 608.256.4499
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